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About Karleen

Karleen Harp

Karleen Harp

Hello, I’m Karleen Harp, and I am the ResumeSmith.
I’ve worn a lot of “hats” in my career, having honed my expertise over many years in the human resources field as a Certified Compensation Professional, generalist, recruiter, and trainer.  In my recruiting roles, I’ve seen literally thousands of resumes cross my desk.  I know how recruiters think, and I can create a resume that grabs their attention, keeps it, and gets you the interview.

This is how resume writing became and has remained a passion for me.  For over ten years, I have been providing complimentary resume writing services within my network.   I was encouraged to start my own resume writing practice after my resumes secured interviews, and ultimately jobs, for colleagues and friends who had struggled in the job market.

This is what led me to open ResumeSmith.  My vision is to make quality career documents accessible to professionals at any career stage – not just to executives.

By blending content development and creative aesthetics, I transform clients’ clunky résumés into magnificent marketing tools.  My value added services combine compensation and recruiting expertise to provide you with personalized career branding that will get you the job you want at the salary you deserve.

Are you ready to take the next step in your career? Feel free to contact me at (760) 271-4277 or through my website at

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